On August 23 we held an online discussion with Camron Zavell from Sorenson Impact, a fund from USA, Utah, investing into projects and startups that work on initiatives aligned with sustainable development goals, but at the same time are focused on developing a profitable and scalable business.

We’ve learnt from Camron, that Sorenson Impact has an average investment ticket of 250.000 USD and that it usually looks to join investment leads as a non-lead investor.

Here are a couple interesting lessons we have learnt from the discussion with Camron:

  1. The same way there is a competition in between startups for funding, the investors are competing among themselves for the best investment deals. The competition happens on both sides.
  2. Referrals still remain the most important channel an investor finds out about a project to invest into. Knowing people and spreading the word about yourself within the community is important.
  3. As well as it is important for startups to be active and participate in various startup and tech events. Investors do go there. These are the platforms where investors usually hear about the new projects to invest in.
  4. Do not take failed startups as a failure. Statistics proves that most successful founders are not first time founders. Failed startups count. Learn the lessons and move on to the next project.

If you are a founder and want to reach out to Camron with a question or seeking an advise, let us know by dropping an email at community@startupmoldova.digital, and we will gladly connect you!