Partners Perks

Startup Moldova Foundation is now partnered with the Agora for Startups program. As part of their program, startups can access up to 1 million minutes for free for 12 months that include building block tools, resources, technical support, mentorship, access to a community network and funding to help grow your business.

Agora for Startup In-Program Benefits Include:

  • Up to 1 million minutes of promotional credits. 
  • Technical support via our developer Slack channel
  • Exclusive member invitation to Agora hosted in-person and virtual events
  • Marketing opportunities (PR, blogs, newsletters, and other digital marketing efforts)
  • Discounted HIPAA pricing (7% of Regular Pricing)
  • Agora Analytics Tool FREE ($1700/month Regular Pricing)

Redeem your 1 million minutes for free. Contact Startup Moldova team.

About Agora for Startups

Agora is the leading video, voice and live interactive streaming platform, helping developers deliver rich in-app experiences for real-time engagement.