Dely.IO – Moldovan startup that provides the perfect platform for delivery services

Each of us has ordered products with delivery at least once, not having to leave the comfort of our house. Delivery services have become extremely popular and, although it was considered that with the withdrawal of the pandemic this hype will disappear, the reality is different. The Dely.IO team combined their passion for design, programming […]

Watznow – an app that reminds us to live the moment

In the rush for users, the evolution of social networks is so fast that sometimes it is difficult to keep up with new trends for everyone. They are part of our lives, they challenge us to adapt and learn, they give us access to a huge amount of information and connect us with the whole […]

Teleportravel – the startup which is planning your holiday for you

When we plan a trip we can spend hours looking for destinations, tickets or tourist guides on the internet. But imagine being able to instantly find out what trips are available from the nearest airport, with personalized dates, location, and price specifically for your budget and time. All these services are compiled by a single […]


More than 150 people contributed to the Health Tech Forum 2022, held on June 15. A platform-event that brought together the private and public medical sector, the tech sector, the local academic sector, as well as international contributors. All opinions and proposals collected during the forum and the 5 workshops will be the subject of […]

Six lessons learned from Dave Perry

If you did not manage to join us for the online Startup Classes with Dave Perry on how to attract American investors to Moldova, then here we come with 6 most important lessons learned and takeaways from the discussion. Investors are interested that much in the details of the technology, rather than in the solution you come […]

A mobile application will promote “Din Inimă” Moldovan brands abroad

The light industry is increasingly oriented towards business digitalization and online commerce. Within the “Digital IMPACT” program, the Employers’ Association of Light Industry (APIUS) from Moldova, which includes a number of local companies in the field of light industry, benefited from support and assistance in developing a new version of the site www.dininima. md, but also […]

Guide for building the ICT entrepreneurial ecosystems in the Eastern partner countries

The EU4Digital guide for building ICT entrepreneurial ecosystems, with the ultimate goal of boosting the growth of entrepreneurial ecosystems in the Eastern partner countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova, and Ukraine) by empowering their stakeholders. The guide provides a maturity assessment of the ecosystems of the Eastern partner countries and defines the […]