Dead Startups Gala – how it was?

Good decisions come from experience. Experience comes from bad decisions. That was just one of the lessons of the evening at the Dead Startups Gala – a community event where we learned to embrace our mistakes and learn from our failures.

We thank the speakers of the event, who shared their own experience:

  • Vitalie Eșanu
  • Vadim Jeleascov
  • Nicholaes Ana
  • Marcel Sobieski
  • Opopol Nicholas

Each of them revealed with valuable lessons for the community. Here are just a few of them:

  • Getting the timing right when launching a product is very important. A product launched at the wrong time will not capture the market’s attention and of course will not be able to return the investments;
  • Sometimes failures do not depend on the team or the product, but on impediments that we cannot control, such as a pandemic or war. The important thing is not to stop;
  • Some products will not be bought because customers are not yet ready to buy it. We should study the market sufficiently and reserve time for the exchange of perceptions.

Some founders in attendance revealed more than 20 failures. They deserve all our admiration for the motivation and strength to keep going until the first unicorn.

We had a truly unique event with many members of the community: organized by Startup Moldova, together with Dreamups, Yep Moldova and XY partners, and with the support of Artcor.

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