Nurturing Tomorrow’s Innovators: A Recap of Startup Weekend 2023 – October Edition

The October 2023 edition of Startup Weekend in Chișinău was not only a hub for tech experts and entrepreneurs but also a platform that welcomed young, budding talents. Among the 79 participants, the event saw the active involvement of four underage kids who joined the entrepreneurial journey, side by side with their parents, from the event’s beginning to its conclusion. This inclusion marked a remarkable and heartwarming aspect of the event.

Despite the energy and enthusiasm that fulfilled the event, some participants humorously expressed their desire to work 24/7, perhaps a testament to their dedication. However, the event’s structured schedule led to the fondly remembered tradition of sending everyone home at 10 PM each night, ensuring a balance between hard work and necessary rest.

At the heart of the event, 11 inspiring pitches were delivered, each packed with innovation and ambition. These pitches exemplified the diversity of ideas and the quality of projects that came to life during this edition of Startup Weekend. The culmination of the event was the recognition of three standout teams, whose journey we look forward to witnessing as they strive for success.

“Solar Guard” secured the first-place position with their innovative solution for monitoring surplus electricity in photovoltaic parks, addressing a pressing issue in the renewable energy sector.

“Eneta” took second place with their intelligent clothing personalization application, a reflection of the ever-evolving landscape of the fashion industry.

“Ciorăpel” took third place with their intelligent robot designed for household management, specifically the organization of toys and socks, making life a bit easier for many.

Startup Moldova, the driving force behind the event, had much to be proud of. The dedicated team, led by Crudu Ilinca, who is now officially a seasoned community coordinator at Startup Moldova, managed an unforgettable event.

The success of Startup Weekend 2023 – October Edition was only possible through the generous support of its partners. Orange Systems and Innovate Moldova, also by USAID Moldova, the Embassy of Sweden in Moldova, and UKAid, played a key part in making this event possible for creative young minds.

Special thanks go to event facilitator Cosmin Pirvu from Veridion, appointed by Techstars, who guided participants through the 2.5 days of Techstars Startup Weekend. Doru Curoșu set the tone with an engaging icebreaker session, and participants gained valuable insights on HOW TO PITCH workshop, from Tal Catran.

An outstanding lineup of mentors, including Vitalie Eșanu, Roman Știrbu, Eugeniu Cepoi, Ivan Tasca, Nikita Katrechko, Andrei Valcov, and Aliona Levca, offered their expertise. The jury, consisting of Sergiu Placinta, Mihaela Negru, Cristian Cerneanu, and Veaceslav Bârdan, raised the bar contributed to the quality of the pitches and ideas presented.

In conclusion, Startup Weekend 2023 – October Edition was not just a tech event but a celebration of innovation, inclusivity, and unwavering support for aspiring young minds. The event exemplified how entrepreneurship and innovation can flourish with the right blend of passion, dedication, and mentorship. We eagerly await the future achievements of these remarkable teams and anticipate the next chapter in the journey of Startup Moldova.

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