Startup Moldova

What is Startup Moldova?

Startup Moldova is an initiative that aims to accelerate technological innovations in the Republic of Moldova by training, encouraging, but also by creating a favorable environment for the development of startups and technological innovation initiatives in the country.
Startup Moldova is a private non-profit organization, founded by the National Association of ICT Companies (ATIC) and led by an Executive Committee, which approves the strategic directions of development, the foundation’s priorities in terms of activities and budget.
The team, led by the Executive Director, ensures the implementation of these directives and priorities through its events, programs and activities.

What does Startup Moldova do?

Startup Moldova has 4 strategic areas of activity:


Supporting and empowering the community of startups and innovative companies in the Republic of Moldova through community programs, activities and events. Creating and executing a unified strategy to promote the startup community.


Implementing programs and initiatives to encourage and empower people who want or plan to become a startup founder or active promoter of technological innovations.


Empowering startups and innovative companies with the necessary resources to achieve its goals: mentoring, tracking, operational training, facilitating partnerships, facilitating access to accounting services, legal assistance, thematic training, and others.


Facilitating the access of startups and innovative companies to financing resources, their support and professional training for fundraising activities.