Deadline for applications: City-Tech.Tokyo!

Global pitch contest “City-Tech Challenge” will be held to decide the top City-Tech pitch, with startups from Japan and overseas who have made the creation of a sustainable society their goal taking the podium.

They are now accepting applications for Pitch Contest entrants.

10 million yen for the winning company; other prizes to be determined.

Language: English

Application Deadline: Monday, October 31, 2022

To realize a more prosperous and sustainable “cities of the future,” the focus is on the following four themes:

1) Infrastructure × City-Tech

„Leverage cutting-edge technology to create safe, secure, resilient city infrastructure

Ensure accurate and safe transportation methods and improve the convenience of short-distance transport within the city through new forms of mobility

Major relevant sectors: Infrastructure (hard and soft) / mobility”

Keywords: Hazard assessment / infrastructure maintenance / micromobility, etc.

2) Environment × City-Tech

„Create a decarbonized and circular society by rebuilding the systems for energy production and consumption

Ensure a stable food supply through developing next-generation food products, reducing food loss, etc.”

Major relevant sectors: Environment, energy / food tech

Keywords: Clean tech / ethical consumption / alternative proteins, etc.

3) Living × City-Tech

„Improve support so that everyone, from children to the elderly, may live a rich and vibrant life

Leverage cutting-edge technologies in areas such as the financial sector to bring enhanced convenience to people’s everyday lives”

Major relevant sectors: Medical, healthcare / fintech

Keywords: Age tech / infectious disease control / regional digital currency, etc.

4) Culture × City-Tech

Combine the traditional culture originally present in the city with cutting-edge technologies to create new entertainment possibilities and help people rediscover the city’s charms

Major relevant sectors: Culture, entertainment

Keywords: Metaverse / digital art, NFTs / sports, etc.

Details and application down below!



Oct 31 2022


All Day

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