#DTFINCON’22 by AmCham Moldova

Digital transformation remains the central pillar facing the world’s continuous challenges.

The ongoing war in Ukraine is sending shockwaves that impact both government and public services organizations and the private sector and will clearly have multidimensional implications. The global response, including imposed sanctions, continues the trend of further integrating business with geopolitical security concerns.

The new reality raises the need to review current mechanisms and approaches to digital transformation and financial inclusion, including accelerating the development of slow-moving tools that have not yet begun their journey.

The conference aims to provide a platform for interaction between stakeholders in digital transformation, focusing on the needs of the business community and its perspective on ensuring a genuine and thorough change to better adapt to the new reality paradigm.

Discover the agenda here: https://amcham-moldova.glueup.com/event/55267


May 19 - 20 2022


All Day