Start-UP Nation Diaspora application deadline

▶️The Start-Up Nation Diaspora program is addressed to Romanian entrepreneurs abroad (including Moldovan entrepreneurs who hold Romanian citizenship). The program aims to grant funding of a maximum of 200,000 RONI for each beneficiary, with the intention of funding approximately 1,000 beneficiaries.

▶️The objective of this program is the development of activities with high added value, through investments in new, innovative technologies, green energy, digitization and entrepreneurial training.

▶️ Through this program. Entrepreneurs who want to improve the economic performance of the new businesses they manage, have the opportunity to obtain non-reimbursable funds.

▶️Registration will be available exclusively online, until the beginning of September 2022, with the potential beneficiaries of this program having the call center number 0219059 at their disposal, which they can call for assistance.

Program details and operational manual here.


Sep 01 2022


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