Founders Meetup: A Dialogue with Banking Regulatory Leaders

Startup Moldova organized on September 26, 2023, in Chisinau, at iHub, a specialized event, providing an opportunity for startup founders to interact with key banking industry leaders and discuss the questions they had. 

The “Founders Meetup: A Dialogue with Banking Leaders” united entrepreneurial intellects and banking experts for an evening of informative discourse, professional connections, and collaborative knowledge-sharing. The meetup was organized as a follow-up after the meeting Startup Moldova mediated between startup founders and the Ministry of Economy, where many questions regarding financial transactions were raised. 

The core mission of the meetup was to bridge the gap between startups and the intricate world of banking. For startups grappling with questions about these subjects, this event provided invaluable insights and a platform for meaningful dialogue.

The event was attended by two prominent figures from the Moldovan banking sector:

  • Arcadie Albul, Deputy Governor at the National Bank of Moldova;
  • Vadim Jeleascov, Head of the Fintech Department at the National Bank of Moldova and Advisor at Business Tracker.

Their presence provided content and substance to the event, giving participants a unique chance to interact directly with the people shaping the Moldovan banking landscape.

The main part of discussions revolved around three pivotal subjects:

  • Instant Payments: The meetup delved into the transformative realm of instant payments, exploring how this technology can reshape the financial landscape, enhancing transaction efficiency, and improving customer experiences for the citizens of the Republic of Moldova. Our banking industry is planned to implement the instant payments already in Q1 2024, covering all banks in the country – a major project led by the National Bank of Moldova.
  • Open Banking: Open banking emerged as a focal point of discussion, with attendees gaining an in-depth understanding of how open APIs are catalyzing innovation, fostering competition, and empowering consumers to have greater control over their financial data. Open banking in Moldova is planned to be launched in Q4 2024, another critical milestone driven by the National Bank of Moldova.
  • SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area): The event shed light on SEPA and its implications for Moldovan businesses and startups. Attendees learned about the opportunities SEPA presents for cross-border transactions and its potential impact on the local financial ecosystem.

This event was organized by Startup Moldova, with the support of USAID Moldova, the Embassy of Sweden in Chisinau, and UKAid.

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