Get to Know VV-Billing: The Moldovan startup that digitizes the payment of utility bills

The startup ecosystem in Moldova has a great advantage today – it is in full development! Our community benefits from various international and local opportunities, and at the same time, we can say that it faces a wide range of problems at different levels, which need to be solved and which can become a launch opportunity for a startup. One of the startups that built an idea that facilitates the daily life of citizens, by digitizing services at home in Moldova, is VV-Billing. In this article, we want to introduce you to them!

VV-Billing is an online platform for tenant associations, which will provide administrators with an innovative tool for billing communal services. The young company was launched in 2021 and is developing an innovative digitalization tool for efficient management in the administration of communal services, debts, and payment of services. The platform also facilitates the provision of an online data exchange with the institutions involved in the process of providing services and payments. The ultimate goal is to create an ecosystem of tenants’ associations, which will ensure the cooperation and transparency of the entire activity.

Startup Moldova: Where did the idea for this startup come from, from what necessity?

VV-Billing: The idea came about after an outdated system of monthly invoice processing was discovered by block administrators. Paper notes are used to enter meter data and call an outsourcing invoicing company. We carry a list of tenants, as well as reports or analytical data on monitoring the situation on the block.

Startup Moldova: There have certainly been impediments during development. What were the biggest difficulties you encountered?

VV-Billing: One of the barriers that we have encountered and are still working on is the integration of payment systems on the platform and ensuring an online data exchange with the institutions involved in the process of providing services and receiving payments.

For the efficiency of the administration, we proposed that the platform be made up of 2 modules: the Module for administrators and the Module for tenants. Thus, we will provide and ensure the transparency of the expenses for servicing a block.

Startup Moldova: Impediments are gradually overcome when we see a clear goal ahead. What customer segment does VV-Billing work for?

VV-Billing: Our segment is primarily the administrators of tenants’ associations. We will also attract the segment of tenants initially aged 25-55, who actively use various software to pay for communal services. We have already managed to attract an administrator for pilot development, who manages several associations.

Startup Moldova: The whole process requires hundreds of hours of work. Who is part of the idea development team?

VV- Billing: Our team member are:

  • Ina Iavorschi co-founder, CEO: business development, SMM, startup growth coach
  • Vitali Iavorschi co-founder, CVO: backend developer
  • Alexei Gherasim co-founder, CTO: frontend developer, with experience in serving the blocks of associations regarding the invoicing system.

We will be happy if you contact us for any information regarding VV-Billing!

Startup Moldova: The last question, but not the least: What are your plans for growth and development?

VV-Billing: We want to create an ecosystem of tenants’ associations, which will ensure the cooperation and transparency of the entire activity, both for the administrator and for the tenants.

Startup Moldova: Thank you very much for the time given to this interview and the answers that will help the community to know the innovative ideas from our country!

Dear readers, we invite you to know more details about VV-Billing on #CunoasteComunitatea is a series of interviews with Moldovan startups, and the goal is simple – to create connections between local startups and the community interested in innovation.

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