Health Tech Forum Moldova: how do we accelerate innovation in health and medicine?

Digital technologies and innovations can have a significant impact on the development of medical systems and the way in which health services are provided and accessed. Collaboration between the most important players in the IT industry, medicine and the private sector is essential in accelerating the digitization process and in improving and solving the pressing challenges in the system.

In this regard, in order to promote cooperation between the IT sector, medicine and the private sector in the Republic of Moldova, Startup Moldova, Technovator, State University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Nicolae Testemitanu” and Gyneco organize on June 15, at Tekwill, the first Health Tech Forum from the Republic of Moldova. The event is one of the actions provided by the Memorandum of Understanding signed by the TEKWILL project, developed with the support of USAID and Sweden, and the State University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Nicolae Testemitanu”.

Stanislav Groppa, Vice-Rector for Research at the State University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Nicolae Testemitanu”: “The digital transformation of the health system and personalized medicine is a sine qua non for the future of public health in Moldova. Technologies and data can be just as important as classic drugs or various diagnostic procedures for the therapeutic act, as they allow us to monitor the patient synchronously or asynchronously, especially when it comes to chronic diseases. Therefore, the development of digital solutions based on evidence and scientific data, which will increase the quality of medical practice in the Republic of Moldova, is a maximum opportunity for training new generations of doctors in the spirit of contemporary medicine and fits perfectly with the strategic vision of education through research. USMF “Nicolae Testemitanu”.

Ana Chirița, TEKWILL Project Director: “We are at the stage where we have to learn to combine digitalization with medicine in order to offer more possibilities on the one hand to doctors and on the other – to patients. Here I am talking about digital services, an individual approach, expertise, help and modern practices. HealthTech Forum is an important platform for connecting the community of people with ideas and expertise. The event aims to identify concrete actions to accelerate innovation in medicine and set up a long-term action plan to support the system’s digitization process. “

Everything you need to know about the first Health Tech Forum Moldova

Health Tech Forum is an event that will strengthen the collaborative relationships between academia, the private sector, government, entrepreneurship (founders of startups) as well as the environment of innovation and technology in the Republic of Moldova, key partners and partners abroad.

Natalia Bejan, Executive Director, Startup Moldova Foundation: “The COVID-19 pandemic has shown more than ever the need to integrate digital technologies into the public health system of the Republic of Moldova. The Health Tech Forum, in this regard, is committed to accelerating the adoption of digitized healthcare solutions, nationally and internationally. This event contributes to the alignment of stakeholders in the direction of a common goal – technological progress in the field of medical services in Moldova according to existing innovations and identified needs. Startups are the ones that have always shown a greater openness to the creation and implementation of innovative ideas. That is why, through all our work at the Startup Moldova Foundation, we provide constant support in growing the startup ecosystem, empowering them and facilitating the obtaining of funding for the validation and implementation of innovative ideas. ”

Health Tech Forum aims to create a roadmap in the field of medical technology in the Republic of Moldova, which will explore the potential of the vertical Healthtech and will serve as a resource for identifying new solutions and possibilities with a positive impact on the field. The event is aimed at senior officials, key private sector partners and top specialists in the field, connecting about 100 participants. The agenda of the forum includes a 4-hour program, where experts in the field will discuss the development of the medical system in Moldova. During a session, 5 interactive working groups with key participants will explore the possibilities of medical technologies in the Republic of Moldova and will come up with a list of conclusions and proposals at the end.

Mary Nemciuc, Executive Director, Technovator: “Global trends are becoming increasingly demanding in medicine, prompting researchers to provide innovative solutions for designing, saving and prolonging human lives. However, operating with a lot of data depends on advanced technologies and high-precision skills to generate solutions in short terms. Technovator comes to facilitate the connection between research and the needs of the private environment in order to bring an innovative momentum in the fields connected to technologies, especially medicine. “

How can you attend the event?
If you are interested in the development of the medical system in Moldova or you would like to participate in the expert discussion sessions then we invite you to join HEALTH TECH FORUM 2022.
To participate, you must complete the registration form, and the organizers will return with details:

We would greatly appreciate completing the questionnaire to understand what are the most difficult challenges you face in your daily work, so that we can make a comprehensive analysis and come up with IT solutions:

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