Model documents

Initiating and managing a startup involves navigating through a series of legal processes of varying complexities. These processes not only solidify the business idea, transforming it into a recognized legal entity, but also provide security concerning the market, other business actors, and public authorities. Moreover, these legal processes contribute to the overall improvement of the company’s activities.

In this context, as part of our mission at Startup Moldova, we are dedicated to creating templates for legal documents, which are made available to startups and the community free of charge. These are legal documents, crucial for startups at various stages of development, but especially during the establishment phase of new entities. We also provide models of legal documents that are useful for interactions with third parties and public institutions.

The document templates are updated in accordance with the latest changes in local legislation, prepared by our legal specialists, and coordinated with the law firms Melnic I Bercu and ACI Partners.

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