National Startup Pitching Competition: Call for Applications

Join the First and Largest National Startup Pitching Competition in Moldova!

Startup Moldova, with the support of USAID, Sweden, UKAID, and the UMAEF, in partnership with Mozaic and BAM, is excited to announce the launch of the first and largest National Startup Pitching Competition in Moldova. This event serves as the pre-selection for the Startup World Cup in Silicon Valley, USA, giving Moldovan startups the chance to compete for a grand prize of $1,000,000.

Why Should You Participate?

  • Pre-Selection for Global Recognition: Startups will go through a pre-selection process, with the best ones chosen to pitch their ideas on the main stage.
  • Main Stage Presence: If selected, present your startup alongside Moldova’s top startups during the offline event.
  • Quality Networking: Connect with angel investors, entrepreneurs, and business enthusiasts. Engage industry leaders, potential partners, and fellow entrepreneurs.
  • Expert Insights: Learn from experienced angel investors and special guests who will share their knowledge and experiences.

Eligibility and Requirements

Startups interested in applying must have:

  • Original Concept: A unique idea addressing a real and significant market pain point.
  • Effective Solution: A product that efficiently solves the problem with a solid revenue generation plan.
  • Rapid Growth Potential: Evidence of rapid growth and a clear justification of the target market size.
  • Scalability: The ability to scale, a significant competitive advantage, and high barriers to entry for potential competitors.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to represent Moldova in Silicon Valley and win the grand prize of $1 million!

Click here to apply

Application Deadline: July 17, 2024

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