Startup Moldova facilitates digital transformation for Small & Medium Enterprises

The COVID-19 pandemic has a dramatic effect on Moldovan Small and Medium Enterprises and has unveiled an urgent need for fast digitization.

Startup Moldova will serve as a platform between IT and non-IT companies to help boost non-tech industries’ assimilation of technological innovation and support cross-industry collaboration based on vertical synergies such as FinTech, WineTech, AgTech, MedTech, Lifestyle, Data sciences, IoT, e-Commerce.

Together with our partners from the Moldovan Association of ICT Companies (ATIC) and Moldova IT Park we will connect non-IT SMEs to local digital service and product providers to boost digitization of business processes for the selected applicants.

Our Objectives

We will provide extensive support and opportunities to Small and Medium Enterprises from Moldova to benefit from automation services, digitization services, access to legal and fiscal aspects, eCommerce counseling, packaged solutions for business process automation to increase the opportunity of operation in a digital world, and much more.

Startup Moldova’s goal is to support a minimum of 40 SMEs.

Action Plan

I am a Small or Medium Enterprise and I want to digitalize

With extensive experience in the field of ICT, we aim to address the most pressing sectoral needs that could be addressed through digital solutions.

Please fill in the following questionnaire to help us understand what are the most pressing difficulties you are facing in running your daily business so that we can make a comprehensive analysis and help you with IT solutions, financing for digitization and automation processes, or technical support and mentorship.


I am a tech company and I can provide digital solutions

Powered the Tekwill project, funded by USAID and the Swedish Government, in partnership with the Moldovan Association of ICT Companies and Moldova IT Park, Startup Moldova aims to facilitate the transition from an economy based on traditional processes to a digitized economy.

If you are a tech company, entrepreneur, or freelancer who can provide digital solutions to Small and Medium Enterprises, please fill in the following questionnaire.


Startup Moldova’s Digital Upgrade program is developed in partnership with ODIMM!