Upcoming event: Startup Moldova Summit 2024

Investor’s Academy Moldova

Together with Business Angels Moldova, are glad to launch the FIRST Investor’s Academy in Moldova, which will be held on 20-21 & 27-28 May 2021. Four intense days aiming to build a discussion around investment and bring experts to teach you the angel investing fundamentals, from looking at founders and startups, all the way to portfolio management and niche investment opportunities.

If you are an entrepreneur, involved in the business sector, and you’re interested in becoming an angel investor and start investing in startups in the following 12 months, then this event is a MUST!

During these 4 days you will:
– Discover how to invest in startups, assess deals, evaluate pitch decks and proposals;
– Learn how to scrutinize founders and ask the right questions;
– Learn and master how to network your way into the best up-and-coming deals;
And much more!

The Investor’s Academy will bring together the best business angels and Venture Capital professionals from all around the world to teach YOU how to find, evaluate, and manage a portfolio of any investment.

Benefit from a discount and get your early bird ticket now for only 99 EUR before 1st May 2021 at https://forms.gle/KuE4aztvLRsxniP67
Once your registration is approved, we will send you a Zoom link few days before the event.

For more details check our website: https://academy.businessangels.md/

The agenda and speakers will be shared soon.

This event is powered by Startup Moldova, BAM, XY Partners, investitii.md and is organized with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the Embassy of Sweden in Chisinau, and Tekwill.


mai 20 - 28 2021


5:45 pm - 8:00 pm

Startups attending list

viarliveViar.live allows any 360 ̊ enthusiasts and business owners to create and share amazing VR experiences with ease
respiroMarket place for psychological support
easyplanSAAS solution for dental clinics
bloomcodingBloomcoding is reinventing online coding education for children, by teaching kids how to code through Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences.
enabldEmpowering Communication Service Providers to offer smart and cost-effective business communications services
xorXOR builds modern communication software for recruiting and HR to hire and retain talent more efficiently.
faguraP2P credit platform
donkeyDonkey.io makes code deployments simple and fun, regardless of the location you are delivering your software solution to.
metafarmA WEB 3.0 platform where for tokenizing real assets in agriculture using Blockchain, NFT and Metaverse technologies.
selftalkSelftalk is a behavioural health app that helps tech employees deal with anxiety, stress, depression, and negative inner conversation.
delyA set of white label delivery solutions that features the whole package of software required to set up and run your own delivery business
undeA platform for event pages management with tools for events promotion, tickets sale and community building
brizyBrizy is a multiplatform website builder that anyone can use.
sonr_musicSONR Music is a compact disc-shaped 100% waterproof audio player.
boldA platform that brings together specialists from the NEW MEDIA ART area for promoting and re-imagining new products.
langlyA non-standard platform for learning English based on the Oxford English course.
stilioStilio is web platform and booking app designed for Beauty industry, an online digital solution for making online appointments to beauty salons and specialists.
watznowWatznow offers a quick way to share videos with people around you or anywhere in the world with an interactive map.
fastbossFastBoss is Integrated mobile-first CRM-like tools with embedded Virtual Assistant for salesmen and business owners
enamplyAI-assisted productivity management platform that reduces bias in performance improvement and creates a habit of feedback.
influenceInfluence.md is a platform that connects brands with digital storytellers, influencers, and content creators in order to personalize their brand story.
aml_cryptoBlockchain Analytics & Crypto Investigation.
baby_medBaby Medy inspire hope and contribute to the health and well-being of parents and their kids by providing the best care through medicine and modern technology.
doctor_chatDoctorchat is an online clinic platform.
renterRenter is a long term electric bicycle rental service for couriers
my_idMyID provides identification and validation process tools for businesses
music24Platform for music artists where they can sell their songs and merchandise, directly communicating with their fans
clickschoolClick School provides online training and career guidance services in the IT field that the beneficiary pays upon employment.
kicklyA platform for sports organizations to create graphic content in minutes
toutoringOnline tutoring for students
startupProvide a set of products and services that allow the creation of applications and websites without code.
consulterFind the right expert advice for your business with Consulter - the marketplace for top-notch consultants across industries.
inst_expertInstant online help from reliable therapists
sahInteractive online chess courses for children
swiftSaasS solution to connect with customers who leave their contacts online
greenoGreenoSoil is a ClimateTech and AgTech company building the first and the largest global geospatial data marketplace in agriculture
iAsigiAsig is a property and casualty insurance agency powered by technology.
indexIndex is a global network of vetted, world-class software developers, that helps enterprises to find and hire top-caliber engineering talent.
planablePlanable is a content review and marketing collaboration platform used by over 5,000 teams.
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