Six lessons learned from Dave Perry

If you did not manage to join us for the online Startup Classes with Dave Perry on how to attract American investors to Moldova, then here we come with 6 most important lessons learned and takeaways from the discussion.

  1. Investors are interested that much in the details of the technology, rather than in the solution you come with to solve an important customer problem. What is your idea going to solve?
  2. Develop a long-term relationship with the investors. The relation with an investor is „like a marriage” – your visions on idea development has to be aligned. This relationship is for the long run. Maintain it authentic.
  3. If you hear a NO from an investor now, it does not mean that this cannot turn into a YES in a few months time.
  4. As a startup co-founder be active, engage, go places, meet new people, do the first step.
  5. Authenticity matters, you have to believe and like the product or service you develop.
  6. Learn to give up sometimes. Do not go overboard with the „never give up” expression. Sometimes you have to give up to clear up the space for a better idea, better solution, better team.

    The session is still available for you to watch here ➡️

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