Startup Club - the place where we grow up together

Startup Club is a Startup Moldova initiative that brings together startup founders from the Republic of Moldova in community discussions in which we address topics, challenges, and questions that our community faces. Both expert startups and beginners who are just starting out with their own startup idea can participate here.

Startup Club is about mutual support by asking questions to the community and approaching them through their own experience, creating collaborative connections within the community, and simple, informal discussions on important topics in a friendly atmosphere.


The aim of the Startup Club is to make it easier for startups to find solutions to the challenges, get connections, and learn different approaches. Startup Club is where we grow up together.





The event is held regularly – once a month. Anyone with a question can ask it in the box below. We will consider it at the next Startup Club.

** After completing the form, you will receive an email from the organizers with all the necessary details.

Are you interested in attending the next Startup Club? Follow our activity to stay tuned to the date, place and time of the next event: