Startup Moldova at How to Web, 2023

The Startup Moldova team, alongside community colleagues from Dreamups, Yep Moldova, XY Partners, and several founders of 12 startups from the Republic of Moldova, participated together at How to Web on October 4-5 in Bucharest.

Over 300 startups from Central and Eastern Europe registered for participation in Spotlight, but only 40 had the opportunity to take the stage and pitch in front of multiple investors. Among these 40 startups were also a few from the Republic of Moldova:

– Gleb Babii, representing Aspect Health, a service that addresses hormonal imbalances in women through continuous glucose monitoring and AI-assisted human coaching.

– Nicolae Guzun, representing Sumboard, an innovative low-code integrated analysis tool for SaaS solutions.

In addition to Spotlight, several startups had the opportunity to showcase their products in the expo area. Among them, 12 startups from the Republic of Moldova were present:

1. Fagura: A fintech startup, the first credit marketplace in Moldova.

2. UNDE.IO: A platform for managing event pages with tools for event promotion, ticket sales, and community building.

3. Sumboard: An innovative low-code integrated analysis tool for SaaS solutions.

4. Aspect: An online health coaching application, offering coaching for women’s health, weight management, mental well-being, anxiety, stress, and depression.

5. Robolex: A platform that reads, understands, and extracts vital information from contracts and invoices to generate personalized legal document models using AI tools.

6. Langly: A linguistic app for learning the English language.

7. One Syncs: An application that provides a 1-on-1 career development tool.

8. Omnis: An online insurance application.

9. Realoc: A unique B2B platform designed to facilitate and optimize collaborations between real estate agents, developers, and financial institutions, not only locally but also internationally.

10. Bloomcoding: An online coding school for children.

11. Zeno Academy: An online school for students aged 14-19.

12. CityFarm: A vertical urban farm for growing salads, greens, and fresh herbs.

The event provided excellent networking opportunities, enabling us to establish connections with potential partners and investors. The speeches, group discussions, and workshops led by industry experts expanded our knowledge of the latest trends and technological strategies. Additionally, we found inspiration in the success stories and gained practical skills for developing a strong and sustainable startup ecosystem in the Republic of Moldova.

This positive reception at How to Web not only validated Moldova’s presence in the regional startup ecosystem but also inspired local founders to pursue their goals with passion and determination.

The participation in the event was organized by Startup Moldova, with support from USAID Moldova, the Embassy of Sweden in Chisinau, and UKAid.

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