Moldovan Startups in San Francisco

Discover the Rising Stars from Moldova – the next IT hub in Europe! This national initiative is a resounding testament to Moldova’s commitment to fortify its competitive edge and seamlessly integrate into the global market within transformative economic sectors. A dynamic platform, the pavilion magnifies Moldova’s vibrant startup ecosystem, casting a spotlight on the nation’s most promising ventures, as they embark on their journey to make an indelible mark on the global tech landscape. The Moldova Pavilion is a collaborative endeavor involving The Moldova Future Technologies Activity (FTA) supported by USAID, Sweden, and UKaid, together with the Western NIS Enterprise Fund (WNISEF) and Technovator.

Meet the startups

Platform independent website builder for agencies and web professionals

Saas Website Builder

AI powered English learning platform for GenZ and GenAlpha developed in collaboration with the Oxford University


Pinky CyberSafe® is a SaaS Platform for SMEs that provides comprehensive, yet accessible set of tools and guidelines to mitigate main cybersecurity risks


Product Manager

Building the first community digital bank in Central & Eastern Europe for SMEs to access funding, convert currency and transfer money instanly


Founder & CEO is a tech-focused recruitment platform that helps innovative tech companies build high-performing tech teams at scale.

Software development

Account Executive

Selftalk is a mental health app that helps employees increase their productivity and well-being by offering them unlimited access to cognitive behaviour therapy content personalized to their emotions

Mental Health

CEO & Founder

CMO & Founder

Quick listing and virtual tour creation tool.

Real estate

CPO & Co-founder

At we’re building All-in-one Event Software with a strong focus on automation of marketing and community management

SaaS, Marktech

Side event during the trip

Moldova Startup Day San Francisco

The event is designed to foster valuable connections between US-based investors and Moldovan startups. This event also serves as a bridge to connect US-based funds and investors with the visionary founders of Moldovan startups, forging impactful collaborations and propelling both ecosystems toward new heights of innovation and growth

Key facts

Moldova - the next IT hub in Europe

Strategic Location

Moldova is situated in southeastern Europe, bordered by Ukraine and Romania to the west

Multilingual Society

Moldovans are proficient in several languages, including Romanian (the official language), Russian, and English

Cultural Diversity

Moldova’s history of various cultural influences has led to a unique blend of Eastern and Western cultures

Tax facility

Moldova offers special tax incentives for IT companies operating within designated IT virtual park, allowing unique tax on turnover of only 7%

Investment in startups

The ecosystem has seen over 60 investable startups across sectors: fintech, healthtech, e-commerce, agtech and more

Skilled IT Workforce

Moldova has a pool of 30500 skilled IT professionals, including software developers and engineers

Proximity to European Hubs

Moldova’s history of various cultural influences has led to a unique blend of Eastern and Western cultures

Wine Nation

Moldova holds 2 largest wineries in the world. Rural tourism counts 140+ wine producers


Future Technologies Activity

FTA funded by USAID, Sweden, and UKaid aims to enhance competitiveness and expand global market integration of transformative economic sectors in Moldova – ICT, engineering, light manufacturing, creative industries, and digital media. FTA helps to build a digitally skilled, future-ready and adaptive workforce, strengthening the link between education and the private sector

The Western NIS Enterprise Fund

WNISEF is a 258 million dollars regional fund with more than 29 years of successful experience investing in small and medium-sized companies, founded by the United States Government through the USAID. Since its inception, WNISEF has invested over 188 million dollars in 136 companies employing approximately 26,000 people, unlocking 2.3 billion dollars for companies in Ukraine and Moldova

Implemented by

Technovator is a pioneering platform dedicated to cultivating and magnifying talents, serving as a driving force in harnessing Moldova’s technological prowess. With a pivotal role in the tech landscape, Technovator cultivates a dynamic ecosystem of innovators, offering comprehensive support for startups and SMEs to thrive. Anchored in initiatives such as the Product Management Community, Deeptech GigaHack, Startup Students and more, Technovator is steadfast in nurturing and amplifying Moldova’s innovation landscape

About Moldovan Startup Ecosystem

The Moldovan startup ecosystem consists of 60+ investable startups, and at least 100 more in different development stages. 2 business angel networks support the development of some of them. The country hosts 8 co-working spaces and 16 universities. There are at least 35 active startup community players contributing to the growth of the ecosystem. The most vibrant verticals include HealthTech, Edtech, and Fintech.

Notably, Moldova’s most prominent expertise is in IT development, employing more than 16,500 professionals in more than 1500 IT companies.

Contact details

For more details contact Mary Nemciuc, CEO & Founder of Technovator at