Techstars Startup Weekend Energy Tech – a push forward for the energy tech industry

Looking for inspiration in the EnergyTech industry? Look no further than the recent Techstars Startup Weekend Energy Tech in Chișinău! This amazing event brought together passionate individuals from different backgrounds to create innovative solutions to pressing energy challenges. 

During the 54-hour event, 7 teams were formed and worked on a range of topics related to EnergyTech. From agricultural support to energy efficiency and bill management, to monitoring of underground water resources, the ideas generated were truly impressive.

But the three winning teams were even more impressive! 

In first place was REDU, who created an app that targets both businesses and customers to ensure efficient management of paper bills that are not needed to be printed, while offering tailored support for customers in terms of their energy consumption.

“From my perspective, I really enjoyed the process! Being able to discuss ideas with multiple people was inspiring. The location was comfortable and pleasant to work in. The in-depth discussion with Irina Apostol, Dorian Zlatan, and Olga Begun was extremely helpful for us. Additionally, Igor Iuriev’s contribution to the design was very valuable. I want to continue participating in this idea and have other plans as well.”  

said by Evgheni Camenscic from REDU.

In second place was Energy Wave, who proposed accessible electric charging stations, making it easier for people to transition to electric vehicles. 

“Hard work pays off as we ended in 2nd place with only two team members. We are grateful to our mentors for their supportive and challenging guidance, and we thank them for their assistance. As for the future, we would like to participate in these kinds of events again!”

said Joe Delamore from Energy Wave.

And in third place was Eterra, who came up with a storage system for excessive renewable energy, using either hydrogen generators or gravity batteries to ensure accessibility and safety.

These teams are a true inspiration to anyone interested in EnergyTech startups, showing that with passion and hard work, anyone’s idea can materialize into something more. 

Startup Weekend is not just a competition to win prizes. It’s an immersive and interactive experience where you can connect with like-minded individuals, learn from experienced mentors, and gain new skills and knowledge. It’s an opportunity to think, work, and build like a startup, and maybe even start that business you’ve been dreaming of.

So why not get involved in the next Techstars Startup Weekend and be part of the next big thing? Join us for the next event and let’s innovate together! 

The event is organized with the support of our sponsors: Premier Energy and Orange Systems, along with USAID, Sweden Sverige and UK AID, Startup Weekend global sponsor and the international organization Techstars

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