Watznow – an app that reminds us to live the moment

In the rush for users, the evolution of social networks is so fast that sometimes it is difficult to keep up with new trends for everyone. They are part of our lives, they challenge us to adapt and learn, they give us access to a huge amount of information and connect us with the whole world.

And if there is one thing we are sure of, it is that social networks exist to stay and their possibilities are endless. And in Moldova there is a startup that has launched a challenge to the traditional social media networks and comes with an absolutely new approach for users and customers.

In this article, from the regular rubric #CunoasteComunitatea, we introduce you to Watznow.

Startup Moldova: The social media market is already monopolized by giants such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. What new does Watznow offer that cannot be found in the functionalities of these networks?

Victor Logos, Watznow: Watznow is a social network that allows users to share live moments with people around them or anywhere in the world via an interactive map. They can share videos that will be visible on an interactive map for 24 hours for anyone exploring the given region.

What sets Watznow apart from other social networks is the focus on the user’s location and not the user himself. With Watznow you can explore live moments from the nearby community or from around the world, discover fresh news and exclusive live content, capture interesting live events (concerts, games, parties, anything), interact with people around you or anywhere in the world by identifying them with the help of the interactive map.

Startup Moldova: Your idea is a new one and has no replica in the world. Where did this idea come from, from what necessity?

Victor Logos, Watznow: Watznow comes as an alternative to other social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok) that focus mostly on influencers who create content, which is a disadvantage for non-influencer people who want to share valuable content, but which is not promoted by internal network algorithms.

Watznow, on the other hand, focuses on WHAT and WHERE, rather than WHO, allowing users to share video content (not older than 24 hours) with anyone around them, even without having followers. In this way, users can explore new content through an interactive world map and see what’s currently happening in their city or any other location / event they’re interested in.

Startup Moldova: Your solution is very interesting but also complex. What were the biggest challenges you faced?

Victor Logos, Watznow: We faced two big challenges: attracting investments in startup and attracting new users to the platform and convincing them to create an account and use the application daily or weekly.

Startup Moldova: But who is your product created for?

Victor Logos, Watznow: Our target audience is teenagers and adults who are interested in what is happening now anywhere in the world and want to know things from the first source.

Startup Moldova: Who is part of your team?

Victor Logos, Watznow: Victor, I and Artiom and Adrian have known each other for almost a decade. We met for the first time in 2013, we went to the same university, the State University of Moldova. I studied at the same faculty – Mathematics and Computer Science. And I met Yuliana – our engineer – in 2020.

We wish you great success in the future, a team as big as possible and many investments attracted! And we invite our readers to download the application and start creating content!

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