8 lessons learned from Eyal Malinger, partner at Baringea – venture capital firm based in the UK

On December 2nd, we had an online discussion with Eyal Malinger, partner at the venture capital firm based in UK, Baringea.

Beringea is a transatlantic venture capital investor that seeks to create lasting success for rapidly scaling entrepreneurial companies. Currently, they have over 60 active investments, each investment ranging in between 2-10 mil USD. Most investments are Series A and B.

The most successful exit from Baringea portfolio is the medical tech company, InTouch Health, sold in 2021 at a valuation of 4,4 billion USD.

We are inviting you to watch the recording of our discussion with Eyal, and in addition, here come a couple of takes and insights we caught from the talk with Eyal:

  • Age of founders does not matter. The older people get, the more experience and deep domain expertise they have, but the younger they are, the more risk tolerance they have.
  • Networking events are super important and have to be on the agenda of both, investors and founders. Eyal goes to several networking events on a weekly basis. Web Summit, Slush, etc. attendance is a must.
  • Having a seed investment fund locally is super important for the first stage of startup development. Investors should be private money.
  • Drive and obsession with the idea should be an integral part of the founders identity.
  • Startup definition does not matter. The level of technology does not matter. What matters is the level of innovation, the fire and obsession of the founders with their idea.
  • All VC are sales people. They sell their capital in exchange of their investments.
  • The best companies are found. There are no great ideas which are not investable.
  • One of the biggest problems mature companies have, those in which Baringea invests in, is talent. That is why Baringea, as investor, offers talent hiring support.

Talk to an Investor is a regular online event at Startup Moldova, were we Moldovan tech startups to international investors and resources.

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