About the program

The Digital Impact Program for Cahul is implemented by Startup Moldova and is part of the EU4Moldova Project: Startup City Cahul, funded by the European Union and Sweden, and implemented by ATIC, in response to Activity 3. Supporting the development of a start-up funding and acceleration program digital and innovative start-ups and entrepreneurs, contributing to their capacity building and investment readiness.

19 months

Implementation period

780k lei

Maximum value per initiative

10 - 20

Selected initiatives

7,8 milioane lei

The total amount of funding

Phases of the program

Program Description

The Digital Impact Program for Cahul Phase 2 was created to strengthen the capacity of technology startups in Moldova to attract investments and scale, with an emphasis on contributing to the development of the startup ecosystem in the Cahul region. Within phase 2 of the program, a total grant budget of 3,900,00 MDL is available. Each final beneficiary of the Digital Impact Program phase 2 will be able to access a maximum grant of 780,000 MDL, provided they contribute a minimum of 20% themselves.

As part of the Digital Impact Phase 2: Startups for Moldova program, we would like to inform you that the application process has ended. We are pleased to announce that we have received an impressive number of 27 projects participating in this stage. Out of these, 11 promising companies were selected to advance to the next stage of the program. Our team and the evaluation committee were impressed by the quality and potential of the selected projects.

Selected Beneficiaries

Here are the 6 selected Beneficiaries of the Phase 2 of the Digital Impact program.


“The Sumboard Project” is an innovative low-code tool in the Embedded Analytics field designed for SaaS solutions. It connects to the client’s SaaS database, allowing any user, even without advanced database knowledge, to build interactive analytical reports. With an intuitive Dashboard Editor, users can create personalized and interactive analytical data.


“The Digitalization of Agricultural Companies in the Cahul Region Project’‘ seeks to digitalize at least 30 agricultural businesses in the region. The project will span at least four sectors of agriculture: fruits, winemaking, vegetables, and annual crops. An experienced farmer in the region will lead each sector as a team leader.


“The Echarge Moldova Project” is a local software-based initiative aimed at monitoring and installing fast charging stations for electric vehicles in the Cahul Region and the Republic of Moldova. With its innovative features, it will offer 24/7 access and support, ensuring a convenient experience for end customers.


“The Bloomcoding Bootcamp Project” is designed to have a profound impact on the Cahul region by generating training and employment opportunities. It will focus on two main activities: a talent training program and the introduction of virtual and augmented reality technologies in Cahul schools, while also promoting online programming lessons at Bloomcoding.


“The MEET & EAT Project” presents an innovative solution for restaurants, aiming to enhance the speed and quality of service, boost efficiency and profitability, and provide customers with a delightful and holistic culinary experience. The project will develop interactive digital menus in multiple languages and introduce features such as requesting a waiter with a simple click, instant bill payment with an indication of the payment method (card or cash), and real-time customer feedback.


“The GoBee Project” is set to develop an innovative trading platform for the apicultural industry. The platform’s primary objective is to streamline and optimize the buying and selling of apicultural products, initially focusing on honey and later expanding to cheese, milk, and wine. This digital ecosystem will connect honey producers, exporters, and importers, facilitating efficient, secure interactions and business transactions.

Results of the Selection Process

The Digital Impact Program, centered on the Cahul region, has announced the beneficiaries chosen for funding in its second phase. Out of 28 concept notes, 12 advanced to the first stage, with 11 submitting full applications. These applicants were subsequently interviewed by the Evaluation Committee on August 15, 2023. After a comprehensive evaluation that combined application reviews and interviews, each applicant received a quantitative score. Based on these scores and the available program budget, 6 applicants were selected for funding. Consequently, each project can receive up to 780,000 MDL in funding.

Program Description:

The Digital Impact Program for Cahul Phase 2 aims to enhance the ability of Moldova’s technology startups to attract investments and scale. The program emphasizes boosting the startup ecosystem in the Cahul region. For Phase 2, the program had a total grant budget of 3,900,000 MDL. Each beneficiary of the Digital Impact Program Phase 2 can receive a maximum of 780,000 MDL, provided they contribute at least 20% of the amount themselves.

Program Description

Digital Impact is a program through which companies in the Cahul region, who want to digitize their internal processes and innovate, applied and were selected to access funding worth a maximum of 780 thousand lei per initiative. Digitization initiatives are being implemented through third-party IT companies, selected through open competition, depending on the technical requirements and specifications of each individual initiative. Each beneficiary of the program contributes at least 20% of the total value of the digitization initiative.

Application guide to the Digital Impact Program focused on the Cahul region

Results of the Selection Process

The Digital Impact Program, focused on the Cahul region, announced the beneficiaries selected for funding in the first phase of the Program. Out of 27 initial applicants to the Program, 13 were pre-selected in the first stage, and 12 of them submitted complete applications and were physically interviewed by the Evaluation Committee on January 31, right in Cahul.

Following a complex evaluation that included both application review and interviews, each applicant was given a quantitative score, and 6 of the applicants subsequently qualified for funding based on their score and program budget availability.

Thus, funding of up to 780,000 MDL per project is to be distributed between 2 public institutions, 2 non-profit organizations and 2 private companies from the Cahul region.

Selected Beneficiaries

Here are the 6 selected organizations and the digitization projects they implement with the support of IT companies, selected following open tenders held.

Cahul Land Museum

With more than 38,000 active exhibits, it will implement a complex project to digitize the museum heritage, which will lead to increased interactivity and visitor interaction with the objects exhibited at the museum, increasing the number of visitors and promoting the tourism potential of the region.

Provider: RT DESIGN STUDIO SRL, Co-financier: Cahul City Hall

Association of Grape Producers from Cahul district

He proposed the launch of remote agricultural consulting services for association members, including by procuring high-performance equipment for monitoring vine plantations.

Provider: EUROALUN SRL, Co-financier: Chemonics International INC

LAG “Lunca Prutului de Jos”

It will develop a platform to promote the Lunca Prutului de Jos destination, with e-commerce and booking functionality included.

Provider: Kreyon Media SRL, Co-financier: Solidarity Fund

SRL Svirol-Agro

It set out to implement systems to optimize agricultural production processes by implementing a Cloud-type FMS (Farm Management System), the company currently managing a territory of over 3,000 ha.

Provider: Agriscop Group SRL


He set out to create digital wine cellars – an innovative idea aimed at supporting winemakers in the early stages of production and selling wine before it is produced.


“Nicolae Botgros” Palace of Culture

It aimed to create a common, digital platform for the administration and promotion of all extracurricular and cultural activities carried out in the municipality of Cahul.

Provider: ALIDENSIA SRL, Co-financier: Cahul City Hall


I will help businesses in the Cahul region to identify technologies that can help businesses break regional barriers and export services and products to other regions and other countries using digital platforms.

Andrei Stan

Vice President Product, Strategy and Finance at INDEX.DEV, UK

I hope that I will have the honor to collaborate with the first unicorn founded in Cahul and that through this program we will succeed in creating a community of entrepreneurs who have access to the necessary consultancy to produce visible changes and develop digital platforms to grow the Cahul region and not just.

Rodica Belocosov

Vice President of MoneyLion, Malaysia

I will ensure that beneficiaries understand absolutely everything related to project development, including IT project development processes. I will take care of the implementation of good practices, but also the awareness of the possibilities of scaling projects in the future.

Venedict Strișca

Expert in implementing projects in the agricultural field

Through the Digital Impact Program I aim to contribute to the development of a more open, simplified society, with more efficient governance and simpler solutions for citizens and the business environment.”

Victor Guzun

Expert in the development of projects in the digital field, Estonia

The digital solutions implemented within the digital impact program will contribute to a sustainable development of tourism in the region, whose main beneficiary will be the local community.

Andrei Rusu

Managing Partner at GoAdventure Moldova, tourism expert

I will call on my knowledge and expertise to contribute and monitor the implementation of the most advantageous solutions both for the beneficiaries of the project and for the entire Southern region.

Postolachi Vasile

Expert in digitalization projects of public services. Project manager

I am sure in the capability and skill of Moldovan entrepreneurs to turn ideas into impactful solutions. Looking forward to supporting regional entrepreneurs in their endeavors in changing their community, Moldova, and the world.

Natalia Bejan

Director at Invest Moldova Agency

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