Designate 2%
for Startup Moldova

Startup Moldova is a platform focused to support the development of technology startups in the Republic of Moldova. This initiative, founded by the National Association of Information and Communication Technology Companies (ATIC), aims to accelerate technological innovations by providing resources and connecting startups with mentors, investors, and partners.

How can you help?


Support Startup Moldova’s efforts by redirecting 2% of your annual income tax. The process is straightforward, efficient, and does not disclose your identity.


The only necessary step is to note Startup Moldova’s tax code 1021620002848 in your income tax statement for the previous year.

The next period in which you’ll be able to allocate 2% for Startup Moldova will be from January 1 to April 30, 2024. Without any additional cost to you , the state will redirect a portion of your tax to Startup Moldova.


In other words, out of every 100 lei you pay to the state as income tax, 2 lei will go to Startup Moldova, and 98 lei will remain in the state budget. More details about the percentage designation and the steps required to redirect the 2% can be found in the explanatory video below.


What would we do with your money?

Nurture Future Founders

Startup Moldova provides support in nurturing future founders within the existing ecosystem

Introduce Enthusiasts to Entrepreneurship

Startup Moldova introduces young enthusiasts to the world of entrepreneurship through foundation-organized events

Connect with Experts

Startup Moldova connects aspiring entrepreneurs with experts ready to share their experience and knowledge

Facilitate Investor-Startup Connections

Startup Moldova connects local and international investors with startups in Moldova, fostering investment in innovative ideas with growth potential

Moldovan tech startups in numbers

100 +
Startups in Startup Moldova directory
Startups fundraised in 2022
Startups raised over 1 mil USD each in 2022
56 +
Investable startups now
7 M $
Fundraised by MD startups in 2022
800 K $
Average deal by startups raising in 2022