Become a PROFESSIONAL STARTUP MENTOR – Join the Startup Tracker Educational Course

We are looking for people who feel responsible for the future of the country, for those who want to influence the innovations and support startup projects – we call them ecosystem enablers! We have prepared an unique training for you, which will give you special tools and methodology to help startups to grow! After the course, participants will become professional mentors – called startup trackers. 

This can be you! After passing the course you will become a „soldier” for the startup ecosystem and assist startup initiatives at any stage of growth. You will become an irreplaceable piece for any startup and, furthermore, you will be able to train other local trackers to raise the level of the whole ecosystem.

How will the training take place?

There will be 3 blocks of activities

  1.  Introduction and diving into the subject. You will find out what is value, why is it important, and how the tracker helps the entrepreneur create value for the customer. You will go through themes such as customer development – theory Practice on customer development UNIT economics and startup metrics. The trainers will introduce you to a traction map, HADI, planning, time and case management, telephone sales, financial planning, complex sales: PPVVC, funnel by goals, offering. And much more useful information.
  2. The most complex block with the richest flow of information. You will touch subjects as Diagnostic and strategic session. Strategy, strategic goals, transition points. Bottlenecks. The theory of constraints. A cycle of continuous improvement. The strategy itself, and how it is formed in the tracking process. Typical strategic goals and the conclusion of the head to set them. Interim goals and milestones. Transition points between stages and work with them during tracking. What an investor wants from a startup and how a tracker can help him Tactics, tracker format, interaction between trackers. How a tracker provides a link between strategic goals and the daily ongoing work of the team, focuses the team and returns to the set goals when it is carried away. Tracker’s strategy related to the team. However, that is only the beginning!
  3. The wrap-up block and the one where you make the knowledge practical. You will go through practicum of attentive communication: learn to listen and speak so that we are understood. Practical work: diagnostic session with projects Practical work: traction meetings, and more activities assisted by professional trainers.

When will you pass the training?

The training will be a 4 day activity – between April 7 and April 10, with different time slots, that will be announced closer to the start date.

Are you ready to step up your level? Apply here until March 31st for the training and become a Startup Tracker in no time!

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