Do you have a startup in Createch? Develop it in the Creative Accelerator!

The only acceleration program for the creative industries in Moldova is back. Yep!Moldova launches the second edition of the Creative Accelerator. More relevant, more challenging, more accelerated! The Creative Accelerator is a program that provides support, information, creative and entrepreneurial resources for teams and companies operating in the createch domains. The purpose of the program is to help participants develop their entrepreneurial skills, grow a startup around an idea, scale the business, gain access to people, communities, and necessary resources, and… enjoy their own success. The Creative Accelerator is where ideas grow big and make money More precisely, they bring:

  • $10,000 total grant fund for the winners
  • 3 prizes of $1,500 each for participation in international events Who can register?
  • People with start-ups or createch start-up ideas (combining creation with technology)
  • Creators and artists with new brands or in the growth phase
  • Creative and entrepreneurial brands or companies that are ready for scaling and international launch.

    In simpler terms, musicians, painters, photographers, writers, designers, animators, digital artists, as well as publishers, creative agencies, photo studios, graphic, animation, film studios, immersive/interaction, VR, AR, XR, media, education boutiques… and the list can go on. Over 6 months, participants will go through several phases of growth and acceleration. The program offers national and international expertise – at every stage, we have the most suitable people as trainers, mentors, financiers, leaders, and an entire community that is always ready to support you.

    But most importantly – the accelerator is a space for rapid practice and development – participants learn to define their idea, formulate their unique value, understand the consumer, test and validate the business idea, receive initiation and act through Design thinking, create MVP, develop a Road map and IDP, estimate growth, make presentations, and attract partners or investors. Registrations are open until February 27, 2024, by completing the form – link.

    For more details, visit The Creative Accelerator is implemented by Yep!Moldova with financial support provided by the Western NIS Enterprise Fund (WNISEF) – a regional fund of $285 million, a pioneer in Ukraine and Moldova, with over 29 years of experience in investing in small and medium-sized companies.

    The program’s partner is the Future Technologies Project, funded by USAID Moldova, Sweden, and UK Aid. For questions or more details, write to us at

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