Deadline Applications: Yep! Startup Pre-Accelerator

Entrepreneurs and startups from all over the country can earn up to 2000 EURO, non-refundable investments, by participating for free in the Yep!Startup Pre-Accelerator program.
What is Yep!Startup Pre-Accelerator (YSPA)?
YSPA is a 2-month pre-acceleration program for young entrepreneurs. During this time the participants work on the development of their own startup, interact with mentors from 6 countries of the world, prepare their first pitch to investors and receive the opportunity to raise non-refundable grants of up to 2000 EURO.
The main advantages:

  • non-refundable grants of up to 2000 EURO
  • support and feedback from YEP mentors – top managers from companies such as Cisco, Genesis Investment Fund, Deloitte, and startup founders such as Axon Partners, Gravitec, Kabanchik, etc.
  • preparation for the first pitch to investors
  • access to the Startup Wise Guys accelerator – YEP partner, where investments of up to 100k EURO can be raised
    When? Yep!Startup Pre-Accelerator starts on October 14th and lasts for 8 weeks
    Where? Worldwide. The program will take place in a hybrid format: online and offline.
    How much does it cost? Participation in the Yep!Startup Pre-Accelerator is free, with all costs covered by the funders. ATTENTION: we do not charge a share of the business.
    Who can participate?
  • young people aged between 21 and 45, who have an early-stage startup
  • entrepreneurs who need an upgrade
  • employees who dream of their own business
  • freelancers who want to create their own product
  • teams developing a startup
  • startups from the creative industries
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Oct 08 2022


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