Shared Breakfast with Oleg Reabciuc

On July 21, you will be able to meet Oleg Reabciuc, who will tell you who is a Director of Engineering, what his responsibilities are and how you can become one.
Oleg is a senior manager with rich experience in creating and managing R&D operations (research and development). The guest can also boast 10 years of experience in site management, development of a work site strategy, SDLC adjustments, review of the development process and much more.
In addition, Oleg has extensive knowledge in IT and software development (C / C ++, Java, Python, JScript), Telecom, Satcom, GIS and Cloud.
Shared Breakfast in July, on the 21st will start at 11:00. *Admission is free for all participants.


Jul 21 2022


11:00 am - 12:00 pm