Startup Club Meetup: New Year, New Solutions

Startup Club returns with the first meetup of this year! In this edition, we offer the microphone to community members and ask them what are the obstacles, problems, and obstacles they encounter in the startup activity. Be ready to brainstorm with club members to generate effective weight removal solutions and to consider ways to prevent them in the future.
The Club also comes in a new format: brainstorming club! We will create and unite a community of entrepreneurs, where people help solve each other’s business problems in a brainstorming format. At the first meeting, which will take place on the 10th of February, we will analyze 2 tasks.
Cases for analysis at the club are offered through a special form and are selected by the organizers 2 days before the event:
During this event, you will touch upon solving problems of your startups, you will participate in an experience exchange, and you will develop new skills of finding solutions.
The Timesheet of the event:
  • 17:30 start of the event
  • 17:35 intro format
  • 17:40 start of the analysis of the first case – introduction of the participants into the context
  • 17:45 brainstorming of club members
  • 18:00 discussion of ideas, Q&A
  • 18:10 start of the analysis of the second case – introduction to the context
  • 18:15 brainstorming
  • 18:30 discussion of ideas, Q&A
  • 18:40 free discussion between club members
  • 19:00 end of the event
Do you have any more questions? Want to know the answers? We are waiting for you on Wednesday, February 10, at 17:30 at the first Startup Club Meetup of this year!
The Startup Club platform is launched within the national program – the ecosystem that stimulates economic growth in Moldova by providing jobs, innovation, and encouraging the use of ICT and digital solutions.


Feb 10 2021


5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

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