Techstars Startup Weekend Timisoara #8

Techstars Startup Weekend is back in Timisoara, and this time, in a fully OFFLINE format, just like the good ol’ days! A full 54h experience in the roller-coaster life that entrepreneurship brings, right here, right now!
Know that Startup Weekend is for you if:
✅ you have a startup idea that you’d like to validate;
✅ you want to meet mentors & investors, interact with the startup community;
✅ you want to meet co-founders & interact with people from various domains of expertise;
✅ you want to be part of the local startup scene;
✅ it’s also a great opportunity to get your team out there and change the working scenery (the best team-building experience);
✅ you want to PITCH!
✅ you don’t want to PITCH and you don’t have an idea but you’d still like to be part of a team and go through the entire process of validating a startup idea together with a team.
Feel free to browse through the agenda right here:
And to grab your ticket right here:
*The Early Bird Offer is going to be available ’till the end of this month. After that, the price will double its cost – so you better hurry!
**Students have 50% off the regular ticket price.
day 1: Cowork Timisoara – The Garden (Virgil Madgearu street, no 5)
day 2 & 3: Faber Community (Penes Curcanu street, no 4-5)
Want to get involved? Get in touch!
We’re always looking for:

  • amazing partners;
  • super-hero volunteers.


Jun 24 - 26 2022


All Day