– AI-Driven Customer Service Startup for Your Business is a startup that’s breaking new ground in the field of artificial intelligence, specifically in improving how businesses interact with their customers. Founded in June 2023, the idea behind resulted from the quick progress in AI technology and its practical applications. Though there are similar products available, sets itself apart with its innovative approach, created by developers skilled in AI and software development.

What Makes Different?

At, we are proud to offer high-quality digital assistance services that are more accurate and efficient than others, thanks to advanced technologies. Our system utilizes advanced tools like Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) based on GPT models, alongside innovative solutions like Claude3 from Anthropic and open-source alternatives such as Ollama. These are complemented by our in-house algorithms for processing unstructured data and a powerful web crawling engine. The result is a product that combines high performance with cost-effectiveness, housed within a user-friendly interface accessible via web and mobile.

Learning and Growing from User Feedback

User feedback is crucial. Traditional skepticism about virtual assistants being limited or useless has challenged us to prove otherwise. Our focus is on delivering responses that rival the quality of human customer support. This commitment to quality ensures that our virtual assistants are not just functional but genuinely useful.

What are the Key Metrics for Success of Assistant? closely monitors various metrics to measure success. These include AI-specific performance indicators like error rates and consistency of responses, and business metrics such as customer churn rates and acquisition costs. These metrics help us understand both the effectiveness of our AI and the health of our business operations.

What is the Competitive Edge of’s competitive advantage lies in the superior quality of our AI-generated responses and our platform’s flexibility. This makes it easy for any business to integrate our services quickly and effectively, ensuring that they can provide high-quality customer interactions at a reasonable cost.

Any Strategic Partnerships in Moldova or abroad?

We have established partnerships with approximately ten companies in Moldova and a few internationally, with a strategic focus on initially serving Moldova and Romania. These partnerships span several industries, including telecommunications, e-commerce, banking, travel, and insurance, this helps us to broaden our impact.

What about the Future?

The AI market is rapidly expanding, and is currently in a phase of validating the product and gathering user feedback. The future is bright, and while it’s challenging to predict exactly where we’ll be in five years, we’re prepared to adapt and innovate as opportunities and market demands evolve.

Financial Sustainability

To date, we’ve funded using only our resources without external investments. This approach allows us to control our costs effectively, especially since our team has deep programming expertise. As we move forward, we’ll continue to monitor key financial metrics to ensure our startup remains sustainable.

How is adapting to change?

Although is relatively new, having been in development for less than six months, we benefit from our team’s decades of IT management and engineering experience. This experience gives us the flexibility to quickly adapt to changes in the business environment and technological advancements.

Tell us about your Milestones?

One of our most significant achievements so far is the rapid launch of our product. Despite limited resources, we have delivered a functional and impressive service, thanks to the dedicated efforts of our engineers at

Why Choosing the Startup Path?

The decision to start was driven by a desire for more control over our professional destinies and the opportunity to turn personal ideas into reality. After two decades in the corporate sector, we’re leveraging our deep industry knowledge and experience to create innovative solutions that make a real difference.

Meet the team members:

Liviu Maftuleac – CEO, Corneliu Maftuleac – Co-founder.
And the engineers from Opentech, to whom we are deeply grateful.

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