Get to know Zeroqode – the startup that offers the possibility to create any application without code

If you happen to have an idea to create something similar to some popular applications, Zeroqode already has all the technical work done for you!

Zeroqode offers a range of products and services that allow the creation of applications and websites without code, being one of the pioneers in creating such products and industry leaders in our country.

The startup has already delivered over 100 projects without code, built over 115 templates, over 265 plugins and over 25 courses. This week we invite you to find out the story behind ZeroQode.

Startup Moldova: Your initiative comes with a really useful idea for all those who want to create, but do not have knowledge in IT. Tell us about the originality of the product.

Zeroqode: No-Code web development is an absolutely new niche in IT. All of our products are built to help our customers grow their applications up to 10 times faster. Code-free application templates, for example, are easy to set up and accessible, come with built-in features and reliable updates. These are not just designed models, but finished, fully functional, responsive web applications that largely recreate the functionality of well-known and tested websites or applications. The goal is to make Zeroqode for complex web applications what Themeforest / WordPress has become for simpler websites.

Startup Moldova: Where did the idea to create this startup come from?

Zeroqode: What Zeroqode proposes may sound very unusual. And the way we started the startup is just as unusual: we are two founders, one from Uzbekistan and one from Kazakhstan. We met by chance in Chisinau, having similar professional experience.

We found the software part quite boring, we were more interested in the final result and we found a tool that allowed us to reach a new and interesting result without code. And most importantly – very fast.

That’s how we decided to focus on this area – it happened naturally. It was just an experiment that proved to be very successful.

Startup Moldova: Nothing is accidental in this world! Even if you had a successful start, did you encounter any challenges along the way?

Zeroqode: Our challenge was to find talents in a relatively short time on a market as small as Moldova. We have not yet been able to find a specialist ready for our team – we always hire people who need to be trained first.

Startup Moldova: Is the small market relevant for customer search? Who is your target client?

Zeroqode: We already have customers from all over the world: Argentina, the Republic of South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, as well as the USA, Germany, Canada, UK. Our products are intended for anyone who wants to create a website or a functional application in a short time and at low cost.

Startup Moldova: Have you already managed to attract investments in startups?

Zeroqode: We have participated in several Tekwill programs, but at the moment we are not looking for investments. Increasing investment would distract us from running the business, forcing us to deal with all the formalities and procedures needed to obtain financing. We also do not want to lose control over the company and the decision-making process.

Startup Moldova: Are you, at the moment, the same team as in the beginning? Tell us about people currently working at Zeroqode!

Zeroqode: Our startup came to life in 2015 with a team of 3 people and the provision of consulting services, with small personal projects for clients from abroad. Slowly we started to recruit more and more people. Today we are a team of over 60 people working with clients around the world.

Startup Moldova: With 60 people you can move mountains! What are your plans for growth and development?

Zeroqode: When we looked at the company’s future strategy, we decided to stay engaged in the bootstrapping process. However, we will review our business strategy when we reach the next level and make new decisions based on the situation at that time.

Startup Moldova: We wish you much success in carrying out your plans! Congratulations on your achievements so far and thank you for being part of the community!

We invite you to get to know Zeroqode on their official website and keep following #CunoasteComunitatea to find out about local startups on their way to success!

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