Inspiring Young Minds: Chisinau’s Youth Hackathon Sparks Creative Mental Health Solutions

💚This past weekend, Startup Moldova joined forces with Triumf Health to organize a #hackathon that brought together nearly 70 pupils from six schools from Chisinau. Their mission was to come up with #innovative #solutions for supporting #mental #health, and the kids’ creativity was truly impressive.

These young participants, aged between 10 and 15 years old, became #startup #founders for the very first time. Here are some fantastic ideas that emerged from their creativity:

✔️The Confidence (#WINNERS): presented a mental well-being game within the popular platform Roblox. Their game aimed to boost the confidence of teenagers with low self-esteem by providing compliments and encouragement through a chatbot or psychologist. They disabled regular chatting to ensure a safe space against cyberbullying.
✔️The Heritage 12 (II place #winners): introduced a virtual well-being room for mental health activities using #VR technology. It allows friends to visit each other’s virtual rooms, helping them understand how their peers are feeling so they can provide support if needed.
✔️Mood Mender (III place): came up with a #smartwatch in the form of a bracelet that lets users share their emotions with parents and peers. This way, friends and family can offer comfort or help when needed.
✔️Mental Juniors: This team created a #mental #health #game designed to help teenagers navigate real-life challenges. The interactive content includes video-based resources addressing various issues faced by #teenagers.
✔️Stop Teen Manipulation: Another #mental #health #game was developed, focusing on presenting situations involving manipulative activities. Children are tasked with finding solutions to tackle these challenges.
✔️Clear Mind: An innovative #smart#bracelet was introduced, designed to facilitate the formation of meaningful friendships. Users can indicate their interests and location, helping them connect with like-minded individuals nearby.
✔️Mini Psychologists: This team devised a mental health #monitoring #platform that provides advice based on one’s emotional state and connects users with mental health experts if necessary.

We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Orange #Systems #Moldova for hosting the hackathon, as it brought joy to the children and even more satisfaction to the organizers. And of course, many thanks to Estonian Centre for International Development (ESTDEV) for their support of this project.

Not least would also like to express our appreciation to Bloomcoding Moldova for generously offering a prize to the 1st place winners. The winning team will have the opportunity to use the #bloomcoding solution for free for six months, while the other teams will have access to the app. Thank you for your support!

It was the most amazing day ever 😍 We are so grateful for the jury members Natalia BejanElena ArmasuAndrei Buzdugan, it must have been so difficult to select the winners out of the amazing solutions.

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