Moldovan startup, Fagura attracted 780k EUR in equity investments in the second round on Seedrs

Fintech startup announces that it has successfully closed its second round of equity investments, held on the London platform Seedrs. More than 280 investors declared their support for the project and their trust in the team, investing amounts from 20 to tens of thousands of Euros. In total, the investment that the startup will raise is over 781 thousand euros, including the contributions of 7 angel investors who will join directly and represents 195% of the initially set target and the largest amount attracted on Seedrs by a startup from the Romanian space.

The crowdfunding campaign took place in two stages, the private one where investors from the Fagura community invested primarily and the public one, open to investors from all over the world. As a result, Fagura offers investors equity in the proportion of approx. 13.5% at a post-money valuation of the business of 5.78 million euros. The funds raised in this investment round will be used to expand the project in Romania and develop the first digital banking services on the platform.

Today, loans on the Fagura platform are available to individuals and companies from the Republic of Moldova, but in terms of investments the platform is available for all EU and UK citizens.

Fagura was launched in May 2019 and is the first alternative investment in loans platform, registered in Estonia and tested in the Republic of Moldova, with an automated scoring that allows decisions to be made in less than 1 second. The platform was awarded in the Fintech field at several national and regional events: Top 3 best FinTechs, 2019 (Romania), Brand of the year in FinTech, 2020 and 2021 (Moldova), Startup with the greatest impact, 2020 (Moldova) , but also winners of the InnovX BCR Accelerator (2022), The Next 100 Global Companies (by Global Banking & Finance Review) or winners of the Euro-Asian Startup Awards 2022.

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