DocSend, a Dropbox product, eliminates the email attachment and version control issues, providing you with document analytics and secure sharing capabilities all through a single link.

Dropbox DocSend

DocSend allows you to securely share your pitch deck and streamline fundraising.

With DocSend, you maintain control over sensitive fundraising documents, know which investors are engaging with your decks and get real-time, actionable feedback with document analytics.

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  1. DocSend Fundraising Network (DFN):
  • Raising your round? DocSend will review your deck for free, provide personalized feedback and potential intros to investors. You will get free feedback on your send-ahead pitch deck as well as potential interest from top-tier investors through the DocSend Fundraising Network. 

Once you’ve logged into your DocSend account, upload your pitch deck. Next create a link to your deck.

You’ll receive your results and feedback within 72 hours. Please note that DocSend currently supports only one submission per company with no resubmissions, so avoid submitting a working draft or teaser deck.

If your pitch deck passes DocSend quality bar, you’ll be invited to join the DocSend Fundraising Network (DFN). They will spotlight your deck in their weekly VC newsletter (goes out to pre-vetted VCs who can issue term sheets). 

Interested VCs can request to connect with you. Once a request is made, you can follow up directly with the VC to set up a meeting and pitch your startup.

More detailed guidelines for your submission is here.

When submitting your deck via DocSend link to, you have to mention in your email that you were referred by Startup Moldova. More info can be found here.

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