MARS is a free, low-code platform for building web and mobile applications


Developers from all over the earth have spent years building Micro-Apps so you can reuse them in seconds!

Now MarsX is offering Moldovan startups:

1. 12 months of free usage of the Mars platform
2. 12 months of free hosting for projects at dev and MVP stage
3. $30k credits for MicroAppStore. Purchase MicroApps for up to $30k with credits. Includes support and maintenance, doesn’t include customization.
4. 3000$ credits for the first $10k order from dev market. Credits for hiring freelancers, developers, and agencies from the Mars marketplace.
5. 12 months of free access to courses. Access Mars courses and study at Mars academy. Consult with experts and mentors.
6. MVP mentoring. Exсlusive mentoring from the Mars core team. A startup team is eligible for 1 free mentoring session in 12 months.

Eligible startups should not be older than 1 year and not receive more than $1M in investment or revenue.

To redeem the offer, please contact and we will email you back the application form and the exclusive partner key to redeeem the offer.

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