Vowel is the tool for remote teams to host, capture, search, and share video meetings.

Vowel’s Startup Program

With Vowel’s Startup Program, startups can say goodbye to 40-minute time limits for video-conferences and receive 6 months free of video conferencing, with all features included. 

Vowel’s offering startups with less than $40M 6 months free on Vowel’s Business plan (up to $3000 in free video conferencing).

With Vowel’s Startup program, startups can:

– Have unlimited meetings for up to 10 hours + Dial-In;
– Rewatch, search through, and download past meetings forever;
– Host up to 50 participants per meeting;
– Access meeting recordings & advanced live transcription (non-English languages too);
– Create collaborative notes, agendas, bookmarks, and clips (Startups favorite feature);
– Utilize inclusivity features (e.g., talk time percentage and emoji reactions);
– Leverage Slack, Google, and Calendly integrations;

Plus, all meeting guests are always free.

To redeem the offer, please contact community@startupmoldova.digital and we will email you back the application form and the exclusive partner key to redeeem the offer.

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