Startup Moldova Annual Report 2023: A Year of Strategic Expansion and Impact

As we progress through the year, it’s important to reflect on the significant accomplishments and milestones achieved by Startup Moldova in 2023. This annual report offers a detailed overview of our organization’s growth, strategic initiatives, and impact on the community over the past year.

In 2023, our team expanded significantly, growing from three full-time employees to seven, alongside dedicated part-time staff. This growth has greatly increased our capacity and impact, reflecting our commitment to teamwork. Our team members—Natalia, Ilinca, Doina, Olesea, Mircea-Florin, Mircea, Artiom, Catalina, Ligia, and Denis—have been pivotal in advancing our mission as true change-makers.

This year, we also established new strategic partnerships and launched the Digital Impact program in collaboration with the EU Delegation, Sweden, and ATIC. This initiative is supporting 12 companies in the Cahul region and Chisinau, driving technological transformations and community empowerment. Additionally, we secured core funding from USAID, Sweden, and UK Aid through the Future Technologies Activities program. This support not only affirms our credibility but also provides essential resources to sustain and expand our initiatives.

Another milestone in 2023 was the successful hosting of the Startup Moldova Summit. This event united our community, drawing enthusiastic participation from across the region and engaging hundreds of attendees. Finally, at the core of our efforts are the founders—the innovators of Moldova. Our ongoing engagement with new leaders and emerging talents continues to inspire and motivate us, reinforcing our commitment to nurturing the potential within our vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem.

We are immensely grateful for the trust and support of our partners and stakeholders. Looking ahead, we are excited to continue fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in Moldova, building on the strong foundations laid in 2023.

For a more detailed insight into our activities and financial performance, we invite you to review the full report. Together, we are shaping a future of limitless possibilities.

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