Bine ai venit în comunitatea Startup Moldova!
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Startup Moldova is the platform that provides support for accelerating the development of startup initiatives and technological innovations at home in the Republic of Moldova

Bine ai venit în comunitatea Startup Moldova!
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Events for the community

To be up to date with the events organized by Startup Moldova, but also by our partners, eligible for startups in the Republic of Moldova, connect to the calendar of events. Don't miss topics and events that are important to you.

Bine ai venit în comunitatea Startup Moldova!
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Startups of the ecosystem

At Startup Moldova we maintain and regularly update the database of startups in the Republic of Moldova. Now, we host and are proud of over 100 technology startup initiatives.

Startup Moldova is a platform that facilitates the development and growth of technological startups in the Republic of Moldova. We seek and provide support and resources to startups, connect startups in the community, match them with mentors, investors and potential partners.


Startup Moldova provides support in initiating future founders in the existing ecosystem, meets young enthusiasts and experts ready to share their experience and knowledge with those who are just starting out.


Startup Moldova provides the support and information needed to grow and develop a startup: access to funders, mentors, resources, consulting and training, when needed, relevant to each startup.


With the help of Startup Moldova, mentors from Moldova, but also from abroad connect with local startups, to provide them with support, guidance, connections. Each mentor can directly contribute to the support of Moldovan startup founders.


Through Startup Moldova, local investors, but also those from abroad, connect to local startups and find innovative ideas with great potential for growth and scaling, for investments.

About Us

What is Startup Moldova?

Startup Moldova is the ecosystem that stimulates economic growth in Moldova by providing jobs through innovation and by encouraging the use of ICT and digital solutions.