How was it at Startup Weekend Chisinau 2022?

Between September 16-18, Startup Moldova organized at Vadul lui Voda Techstars Startup Weekend Chisinau 2022 which gathered over 50 participants: students, researchers, programmers and entrepreneurs from Chisinau and the regions, animated by innovation and technological progress. The event brought together motivational speakers such as Simone Demelas – the director and founder of Boost Italy, Alex […]

Startup Moldova at Moldova Business Week 2022

On September 16, Startup Moldova Foundation took part in the most important economic event promoting our country – “Moldova Business Week 2022”. This year, the forum was held under the theme “Moldova – business relocation destination and solution for the regional supply chains” and brought together local and international decision-makers, as well as experts from the country […]

A Moldovan startup won sTARTUp Day 2022 in Estonia

If you still have not heard of the Moldovan startup, Bloomcoding, it is time you do – the platform which is reinventing online coding education for children, by teaching kids how to code through Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences. The team has already managed to expand beyond Moldova, offering its educational services in Romania, Poland […]

4 lessons learnt from Talk to an Investor with Camron Zavell from Sonrenson Impact

On August 23 we held an online discussion with Camron Zavell from Sorenson Impact, a fund from USA, Utah, investing into projects and startups that work on initiatives aligned with sustainable development goals, but at the same time are focused on developing a profitable and scalable business. We’ve learnt from Camron, that Sorenson Impact has […]

Startup Founders Meetup

On Wednesday, August 17, we organized a meetup with the founders of technological startups from the Republic of Moldova. 35 founders and partners of the Foundation came to the event. The agenda of the event included a presentation of the most important current and future projects of the Startup Moldova Foundation, as well as the […]

Techstars Startup Weekend Chisinau 2022

We are bringing Startup Weekend back to Chisinau again!  70 people, together with amazing mentors and 1 international facilitator assigned by Techstars will gather together to build startups in 54 hours, between September 16-18. Some important details: The event will be held in English, so you need to have a good language proficiency. There is […]

Dely.IO – Moldovan startup that provides the perfect platform for delivery services

Each of us has ordered products with delivery at least once, not having to leave the comfort of our house. Delivery services have become extremely popular and, although it was considered that with the withdrawal of the pandemic this hype will disappear, the reality is different. The Dely.IO team combined their passion for design, programming […]

Watznow – an app that reminds us to live the moment

In the rush for users, the evolution of social networks is so fast that sometimes it is difficult to keep up with new trends for everyone. They are part of our lives, they challenge us to adapt and learn, they give us access to a huge amount of information and connect us with the whole […]

Teleportravel – the startup which is planning your holiday for you

When we plan a trip we can spend hours looking for destinations, tickets or tourist guides on the internet. But imagine being able to instantly find out what trips are available from the nearest airport, with personalized dates, location, and price specifically for your budget and time. All these services are compiled by a single […]